Rhombus actors over the years. (Thanks!)

We’ve worked with 111 different actors over the past 10 years.  At our bi-weekly readings, we have four actors (two men, two women) there to read whatever new material our writers bring in.  Sometimes we call in actors to fill in when the regulars can’t make it.  Some actors only worked with us through our public readings.  Dozens have them have read with us week after week, sometimes year after year.  We’re grateful to all of them.

Our very first meeting was held on Tuesday, January 15, 2003.  Our actors that night were:  Barlow Adamson, Irene Daly, Mary Kearney, and Nat McIntyre.  We had no idea that Rhombus would still be going strong more than 10 years later.

Here are the names of all the actors who have worked with us over the years, both in our meetings and our public events.  Thank you for all your help in developing the thousands of pages of scripts that we’ve brought in.

Kortney Adams, Barlow Adamson, , Maureen Adduci, Jordan Ahnquist, Richard Arum, Rena Baskin, Marianna Bassham, Penny Benson, Brian Bernhard, Stephanie Biernbaum, Michael Buckley, Destinie Boyd, Ozzie Carnan, Nancy R. Carroll, Sasha Castroverde, Vic Clay, Larry Coen, Chris Cook, Stephen Cooper, Michael Corbett, Irene Daly, Katie Drexel, Zachary Eisenstat, Kelley Estes, Stacy Fischer, Ruby Rose Fox, Paul Giragos, Kippy Goldfarb, Annabel Graetz, Terrence P. Haddad, Christine Hamel, Marc Harpin, Meagan Hawkes, Joshua Heggie, Korinne Hertz, Peg Holzemer, Ed Hoopman, Tim Hoover, Alisha Jansky, John Joyce, Mary Kearney, Maureen Keiller, Gus Kelley, Kate Fitz Kelly, Brian Kostantin, Gabriel Kuttner, Richard LaFrance, Lau Lapides, Kevin LaVelle, Neal Leaheey, Becca Lewis, Crystal Lisbon, Justin Lockwood, Margot Lynch, Lindsay MacWhorter, Elise Manning, Greg Maraio, Victoria Marsh, Doug Marsden, Karen Woodward Massey, Craig Mathers, Melanie May, Ray McDavitt, Grant McDermott, Helen McElwain, Will McGHarrahan, Ben McGinley, Nat McIntyre, Johnnie McQuarley, Paul Melendy, Jonathan Mirin, Linda Monchik, Bill Mootos, Joanne Moskow, Michelle Mount, Robert D. Murphy, Maddy Myers, Luis Negron, Sarah Newhouse, Holly Newman, John Olson, Eve Passeltiner, Bob Pemberton, Aaron Pitre, Dale Place, Christine Power, Nicole Prefontaine, Tom Pruneau, Brenny Rabine, Sonya Raye, Ron Rittinger, Omar Robinson, Paul Robinson, Colleen Rua, Zabeth Russell, Mason Sands, Robert Saoud, Jon Sarrouf, George Saulnier, Claire Shinkman, Kris Sidberry, Dawn  Simmons, Joe Siriani, Jim Spencer, Joye Thaler, Lisa Tucker, Bruce Ward, Chris Webb, Jessica Webb, Craig Weinreich, Suzie Wong.


We’re glad that a bunch of these actors will be present at It Came From Rhombus on Monday night at BPT, to help us celebrate ten years of Rhombus, and for us to say thanks for all their help.


It Came From Rhombus – October 7!

Come celebrate our 10th anniversary with an evening of readings of scenes from all 12 past and present Rhombus playwrights.  (Joe Byers will be coming in from Philly and Leslie Harrell Dillen will be coming all the way from New Mexico!) In addition to fun scenes read by some of our favorite actors, we’ll have plenty of tasty snacks and the evening is a fundraiser for Boston Playwrights’ Theatre. (Our way of saying thanks for 10 years of support.) Suggested donation $10.

Our fabulous actors that night will include: Becca A. Lewis, Mal Malme, Paul Vincent Melendy, Robert D. Murphy, Sarah Newhouse, Dale Place, Omar Robinson, Christine Power, and Jessica Webb.


Rhombus IRNE noms!

Congratulations to Kirsten and [past Rhombus member] Joe on their IRNE nominations, announced last weekend! Kirsten’s Luck of the Irish (nominated for Best New Play, Large Theatre – Huntington Theatre Company) and Joe’s play The Fakus  (nominiated for Best New Play, Small Theatre – Centastage) were both developed in our group. Check out the full list of nominees here – an inspiring list, and it’s very exciting to have Rhomboids among them!


Play by Alexa in creative writing text

My play Bone China is in a college textbook, Creative Writing: Four Genres in Brief (2nd edition, Bedford/St. Martin’s) by David Starkey, published in December. Bone China was my first ten-minute play, and I have often joked – even though it’s actually kind of true – that that little play, written in 2005, was the beginning of everything. It is certainly the source of a lot of firsts in my playwriting life: first production, first publication (in 2006), first Off-Off production in NYC, first international production.

Most significantly, the play helped me forge connections that today are part of my daily life; marketing Bone China led me to Playwrightbinge (and introduced me to fellow Rhomboid Pat), and the play’s inclusion in Boston Theater Marathon VIII was my first connection to Boston Playwrights’ Theatre, BU, and all my amazing friends there.