Lab Rats reading in Lexington, Saturday, February 21

Patrick is having a reading of his latest full-length play, Lab Rats, at the Munroe Center for the Arts in Lexington, 7:30pm, on February 21. Rebecca Bradshaw (who directed his play, Fire on Earth) is directing a stellar cast of Omar Robinson and Brenna Fitzgerald.

In Lab Rats, Mika and Jake live on the margins of society, earning a slim living as test subjects in medical and psychological experiments. With Mika’s fiery outbursts and Jake’s extreme shyness, they seem like an unlikely pair, but as they get to know each other in medical waiting rooms they develop a friendship and romance that starts to ease their painful isolation. Lab Rats brings a fun theatricality to the lives of two people desperate to find a hand to hold on to through the twisting maze of life.

Patrick worked with Rebecca and Omar and Brenna on Lab Rats for a reading in November from Argos Productions, and is super grateful to continue with them for this new reading.


Walt is on a roll!

Poster v4.jpg

Rhombus writer Walt McGough’s play, Chalk, just closed a successful run at Boston Playwrights’ Theatre, produced by Fresh Ink Theatre, directed by Sarah Gadzdowicz. This is a play that we loved seeing in our regular Rhombus meetings, and it was a thrill to see it so successfully staged, and especially with Christine Power in the role of Maggie, after she read it in so many sessions. Next, Chalk will appear in Chicago, in a production from the Sideshow Theatre Company, May 24 – June 28.

As if that wasn’t enough, Walt’s play, Pattern of Life, was nominated for an IRNE Award for Best New Play. This play was produced by New Rep last year and directed by Bridget O’Leary.  The winner will be announced on April 13.

Congratulations, Walt!