Play by Alexa in creative writing text

My play Bone China is in a college textbook, Creative Writing: Four Genres in Brief (2nd edition, Bedford/St. Martin’s) by David Starkey, published in December. Bone China was my first ten-minute play, and I have often joked – even though it’s actually kind of true – that that little play, written in 2005, was the beginning of everything. It is certainly the source of a lot of firsts in my playwriting life: first production, first publication (in 2006), first Off-Off production in NYC, first international production.

Most significantly, the play helped me forge connections that today are part of my daily life; marketing Bone China led me to Playwrightbinge (and introduced me to fellow Rhomboid Pat), and the play’s inclusion in Boston Theater Marathon VIII was my first connection to Boston Playwrights’ Theatre, BU, and all my amazing friends there.