About Rhombus

It_Came_From_Rhombus_finalSix Boston playwrights came together in 2003 to start Rhombus. Meeting twice a month in two four-month semesters a year, each of the writers brings 10 to 15 pages of new material to each session where it is read by four professional actors and discussed by the group. In discussion, we try hard not to rewrite each other’s work–our motto is “impressions not suggestions.”  In 2015, we expanded our roster to include seven playwrights.

From time to time, when we feel the urge and have the material, we put together festivals of readings of plays that we’ve been developing.

Rhombus members have written over 100 plays, including more than 40 full-length comedies and dramas. Plays by Rhombus playwrights have received hundreds of productions, workshops, and staged readings in theaters across the United States, as well as abroad.viewslogo

New England Companies who have worked with Rhombus writers:

  • Acme Theater
  • Actors Shakespeare Project
  • Actors Studio of Newburyport
  • Another Country Productions
  • Argos Productions
  • Arlington Friends of the Drama
  • Boston Actors Theatre
  • Boston Playwrights’ Theatre
  • Boston Theater Marathons (lots!)
  • Brown Box Theatre Project
  • Centastage
  • Charlestown Working Theaterrhombusgeo
  • Company One
  • Devanaughn Theatre
  • Firehouse Center for the Arts
  • Flat Earth Theatre
  • Fort Point Theatre Channel
  • Fresh Ink Theatre Company
  • Hovey Players
  • Huntington Theatre Company
  • Imaginary Beasts
  • In Good Company
  • Mill 6 Collaborative
  • New Rep
  • Nora Theatre
  • One-Minute Play Festival
  • Open Theatre Project
  • Out of the Blue
  • Project: Project
  • Provincetown Theatre Company
  • Rough & Tumble
  • Sleeping Weazel
  • SouthCity Theatre
  • SpeakEasy Stage Company
  • Theater Offensive
  • Theatre Cooperative
  • Underground Railway Theater
  • Unreliable Narrator
  • Wellesley Summer Theatre
  • Wilbury Theatre Group